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Kobold Kommandos - Princessesssss

From a friend’s blog, one of my favorite D&D stories of all time.  I’ve even seen this story reposted years later on /tg/ and elsewhere:

This particular anecdote is called “Princessesssss” locally (spoken in a particularly squeaky reptilian voice), because role playing Princess-obsessed kobolds for what became eight hours straight really gets to a guy after a while.

We ended up with a party of Kobolds when the group was exploring the concept of Level Adjustment, a D&D thing that fills the same niche as paying points to play a kewl race (only you pay character levels). One player was flipping idly through the Monster Manual hoping for inspiration when he stopped and asked if Kobolds get bonus levels. The DM quickly ruled “no”, but everyone was so tickled by the idea of Kobolds with class levels that suddenly we had a party of four kobolds.

Kobolds with class levels are dangerous things.


In Thiira, I see a person who grew up heavy-set in a society filled with image-conscious people.  She developed a deep sense of distrust for her fellow Cassians - one that she carried with her into the Military where they treated her about as she expected.  Fights were an everyday occurrence that more often than not ended with her being trounced by uneven odds.  But not once did she see fit to back down.

She managed to develop something of a bond with Kurzek, a fellow soldier.  More than anything, he respected her strength and persistence, and he despaired at seeing her regularly knocked down by men he considered to be cowards.

He patched her up as he could, but at the end of the day, it was she who had to reassure him that things were going to be all right.

In lieu of a gif, process images can be seen at the image’s page on CGHubFull-res sketch here.

(Sweet, salted taffy, it’s done.)


As you know, I’ve been working on something for a while. And as I’ve said in that post, I did not want to give any details until it was done. Well I feel like today is the day to announce XKit Mobile.

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